Finally, an Authentic Sales Method For
The World's Thought Leaders



Authenticity Is The New Currency In The World of Influence.

Old Style Sales Tactics No Longer Work. To Change the World You Must Connect - Authentically - With Your Audence

And that is where we come in. We take the heart of your message. Then we drill down to the core of who you are. Finally, we find the people whose lives you have changed. Then we weave these together for the world to see.

The call to adventure. The struggles. The mentors. Triumph over adversity. Together this forms your hero's journey. And it works. Because authenticity is the true currency in the information economy.

In the Digital Age, Information is a Commodity. But Your story is Priceless.

Finally, a way that you - as an expert - can sell your ideas without having to debase yourself and everything you stand for. Change the world while being true to yourself - its a brave new world. Join us.

Samuel Cook

Founder, Samuel P.N. Cook Prism Communications. Director and Chief Copywriter. Sam is an Author, historian, inveterate adventurer, lifelong learner, passionate story-teller, and lover of life. Inspired by his late brother's memory as a true Renaissance Man, Sam is on a mission to help experts who have a powerful and uplifting message get out to the world. He has a special soft spot in his heart for composers and writers (like his late brother).

Our Team

We are an electric group of story tellers, photographers, videographers, composers, graphic artists with one thing in common. We are all dreamers, who love to find a good story and tell it with the full power of documentary based film behind it.



Roger M. Richards

A USA-based photographer and filmmaker, and author. From the killing fields of Bosnia, to gripping documentaries from the past 10 years, Robert has seen and done it all in photograph and film. Robert, a graduate of the highly sought after Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School, has a rare gift for storytelling through film.


James Thomas Cook

James Thomas Edward Cook serves as the Creative Inspiration for The Authentic Based Sales Method. In Loving Memory of James Thomas Edward Cook (August 10th, 1981 - August 8th, 2013)


Rick Gibson

Rick heads the conversion and design team. Maximising conversions of all our projects from initial concept to final design. He can usually be found somewhere that serves great coffee and fast wifi.

The Story-Powered Marketing
System for Experts



TriDot Systems

"What Will Your Story Be?" TriDot Systems helps ambitious athletes create epic stories with their lives in the world of Endurance Sports. For those who want more than just to say "They've done it," TriDot helps athletes take it to the next level.

The TriDot Sales Video and Trailer draw on the rich stories of Triathletes whose lives transformed as a result of the system. Founder Jeff Booher provides overall context while his athletes carry the powerful story of the TriDot System he created.

Bobby McGee Endurance Sports

"Become Your Primal Runner" is the story behind the philosophy of world famous, 6-Time Olympic Running Coach, Bobby McGee. With over 31 years of run coaching experience from the apartheid years of S. Africa, where he coached colored athletes under the cover of darkness, to the bright lights of the Olympic games. Bobby's athletes have brought home gold medals and epic stories. This sales video, featuring the driving "Primal Running Anthem" underscores the tour-de-force Bobby delivers on the essence of running. "Running is Primal, more primal than even language...."


Total Immersion Swimming

The Total Immersion story "Swimming That Changes Your Life" focuses on engaging the transformative effect that swimming can have on someone beyond just the physical improvement. Exploring stories of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, this story created a deep bond with audiences that has led to a dramatic transformation in the sales of a new online swimming Academy

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